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Measurement(मोजमापन)-mpsc science|dompsc

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Intro of Measurement(मोजमापन)


By Shubham Vyawahare

➤It is need to have a specific Quantity of that matter to measure it correctly and that standard is called as UNIt.
➤Matter,things and substances are measured by various type of concept
CGS Unit- centimeter Gram second Unit
FPS Unit-Foot,Pound,Second
MKS Unit-Meter,Kilogram,Second
SI Unit-International Unit -in 1790 French created this measurement standards
➤There are two more types of unit

Fundamental Units

➤ A base unit is a unit adopted for measurement of a base quantity. A base quantity is one of a conventionally chosen subset of physical quantities, where no quantity in the subset can be expressed in terms of the others
➤There are 7 fundamental units.
physical quantityunitabbreviation
amount of substancemolemol
electric currentampereA
luminous intensitycandelacd

Derived Unit

➤This Units are derived from fundamental units
ParameterSI UnitAbbreviationDefinition
Frequency hertzHz1/s
Force newtonNkg*m/s²
Pressure pascalPaN/m²
Work or Energy jouleJN*m
Power wattWJ/s
Electric Potential voltVW/A
Electric Resistance ohmohmV/A
Quantity of Charge coulombCA*s
Electric Capacitance faradFC/V
Conductance siemensSA/V
Magnetic FluxweberWbV*s
Magnetic Flux Density teslaTWb/²
Inductance henryHWb/A
Celsius Temperaturedegree°CK
Luminous Flux lumenlmcd*sr
Illuminance luxlxlm/m²
Activity becquerelBq1/s
Absorbed Dose grayGyJ/kg
Dose Equivalent sievertSvm²/s²

Scalar Quantity

➤ The physical quantities which are specified with the magnitude or size alone are scalar quantities.
➤ For example, length, speed, work, mass, density, etc.

Vector Quantity

➤ Vector quantities refer to the physical quantities characterized by the presence of both magnitude as well as direction.
➤For example, displacement, force, torque, momentum, acceleration, velocity, etc.

Difference between Scalar And Vector

Criteria Scalar Vector
Definition A scalar is a quantity with magnitude only. A vector is a quantity with the magnitude as well as direction.
Direction No direction Yes there is the direction
Specified by A number (Magnitude) and a Unit A number (magnitude), direction and a unit.
Represented by Quantity symbol Quantity symbol in bold or an arrow sign above
Example Mass and Temperature Velocity and Acceleration

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